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This software born in mid November 2007 as a result of the lack of a freeware program to work properly with the Bible in its catholic translations (there exist software to do this but it is not freeware and/or it is not catholic).

The goal was to generate a program able to allow any catholic person with a windows pc to read the Bible, perform searches in it, bookmark versicles, etc., just for free and without an internet connection.

That is why the program supports several languages, in the Holy Bible versions as in the program interface itself.

The author's lack of enough spare time to dedicate to this project was remarkable, but God made his part and here is the software finished as for March 2008.


Este software nace a mediados de Noviembre de 2007 como resultado de la falta de un programa gratuito para trabajar con la Biblia en sus traducciones católicas (existen programas para esto pero no son gratuitos y/o no son católicos).

El objetivo fue generar un programa capaz de permitir a cualquier católico con una pc con Windows leer la Santa Biblia, buscar textos en ella, marcar pasajes, etc., de forma gratuita y sin depender de un acceso a internet.

De alli que tenga soporte para varios idiomas, tanto en las versiones de la Santa Biblia como en la interfaz del programa en sí.

El poco tiempo libre que el autor dispuso para dedicarle a este proyecto fue remarcable, pero Dios hizo su parte y aquí esta el software terminado para Marzo de 2008.

Versio History:



The following is a brief list of features that may be implemented in future versions:


La siguiente es una breve lista de funciones que podrían ser incluídas en futuras versiones:

  • Notes [ FEATURES ]
  • Print [ FEATURES ]
  • MS Office Integration [ FEATURES.ADVANCED ]
  • SDK W32/ActiveX/NET/Linux/MacOSx [ TECHNICAL ]
  • More Help Files [ DOCUMENTATION ]



The PC Versio only requires a PC or Virtual Machine running a 32-bits Windows 9x/Me/2k/2k3/Xp/Vista/2k8/7 with MSXML installed (usually it is).

It also works under WINE for Linux/BSD/Solaris/MacOSx platforms.

The J2ME Versio requires a Mobile Device which can execute midlets (applications for the java microedition). Check the manual of your cellphone for more information.

The Android Versio requires the operative system version 1.6 or superior.

The BlackBerry Versio requires the operative system version 4.x or superior.

The Browser Versio requires modern browser (Firefox, Chrome or Opera are preferred, but in case of using IE, 9.x or superior is strongly recommended).

Thanks to


This software could not be done without the valuable effort of a lot of people that offered their time to test the program in its early stages and give suggestions and valuable feedback.

So, may God bless all the people who were BETA testers and/or collaborated in one or other way in this humble project.


Este software no existiría sin el valioso esfuerzo de mucha gente que ha ofrecido su tiempo para probarlo en sus fases primigenias y dieran sus sugerencias y valiosas impresiones.

Por tanto, que Dios bendiga a toda esta gente que fue BETA tester y/o colaboró de una u otra forma con este humilde proyecto.



The author, an ex-atheist converted to christianism since 2003, and to catholicism since mid 2006. Asks for praying for the collaborators of this project, and for his parents, his sisters, his nephew and his godsons. And for himself.


El autor, un ex-ateo converso al cristianismo desde 2003, y al catolicismo desde mediados del 2006. Pide oraciones por los colaboradores de este proyecto, y por sus padres, sus hermanas, su sobrino y sus ahijados. Y por el mismo.